Competition Jumping Horses

Nearly any horse can jump, but that does not necessarily make them good for competition jumping. There are five breeds of horses that are mainly used in the world of jump competitions. Thoroughbreds and Arabians are two of the most popular horses. Thoroughbreds are generally between 15 and 17 hands high. They are a versatile breed that has done well in many different competitions for centuries. The Arabian is slightly smaller and thinner than the average thoroughbred. Its height is generally 14 to 15 hands. It is also a very versatile breed used in a variety of competitions.

Appaloosas, Trakkeners, and Quarter Horses are the other three breeds commonly used for jumping. All of them have the stamina and ability to jump well in competition. These three breeds are also known for their good disposition, sweet nature and willingness to please their riders. They are considered excellent horses for beginners just learning jump competition skills.